16wk Program-OTTAWA

16 week Road Cycling Program in OTTAWA, with DTS (D’Aoust Training Systems)

What to expect from this Winter Cycling Program:keiser1

  • This program will be held on Keiser spin bikes, which desplay: watts, speed and cadence
  • 12yrs of experience facilitating this program
  • Learn to train with your HRT Zones and power (WATTS)
  • Weekly training session.
  • Each participant will be given an additional cycling training program (totalling 4-6hrs) to complete at home.
  • These additional training programs will be the same for each participant.
  • If you are a cyclist or Triathlete and looking for the complete winter training program to improve your cycling aerobic and anaerobic capacity, endurance, strength, power and speed, this is the program for you.
  • We will be conducting three MAP (maximum aerobic power) tests, in order to track participant’s progress over the 16wks. The MAP tests will take place on these weeks: 2, 8 & 15.
  • Classes will vary in length, from 1:15hr to 2:00hr
  • First MAP test is to determine participants Heart Rate Zone, for the purpose of the 16wk progra
  • Full facilities (shower)All fitness levels welcome and encouraged to register, BUT be ready to work HARD, to achieve your cycling goals

3 sessions Options

Program Dates: December 1, 2014 – April 2
HOLIDAYS: Christmas: Dec 22 – Jan 4
Start Time: 7:15pm
Spots available: depending on location

  • Monday night: St. Laurent Complex, 525 Cote St
  • Thursday night: St. Laurent Complex, 525 Cote St  FULL

Register HERE

Rates included:
1 session per week
$395 per person
$345 for CycleFit CHICKS members

2 sessions per week, please contact for rates and payment.

REFUND policy: There is NO refund once the registration is processed. We will allow transferring the registration to another person.

DTS Instructors:
Monday night: Angela Beauchamp
Wednesday night: Gabrielle Papineau
Thursday night: Michelle Gauthier

Other cycling training options and cycling services:
Personalized monthly coaching (cycling, weight training)
Nutrition Consultations/Coaching (weight loss)
Spin Scan Analysis

HI Sylvie, we finished our 16 weeks on Sat and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the program. When I signed up I did so with the thought of trying CycleFit since you are in my neighbourhood and b/c the program sounded like it would be a good training experience over the winter.
The program was an excellent challenge and helped get me through the winter-the gang was always upbeat. Having been introduced to CycleFit I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for another program.

CycleFit is dedicated to the success of our clients, but only the dedicated clients succeed!
Join us this Winter and take your cycling skills to the next level. Designed for all cycling levels. Work on perfecting your form and fitness on the Cyclops indoor cycling bikes this Winter.

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