Group Rides

2015 Group Ride Schedule: HERE

Locations, distances, destinations.   Maps HERE and ride leaders on the Facebook group.

Also See Calendar
Group ride leaders: As the club grows, so does the demand for group ride leaders. If you are a club
member and would be interested in joining our club leaders, please contact us if you have any questions

All CycleFitChicks rides & events are for club members only.

Saturday Group Rides:
Location: PLEASE refer to the GROUP RIDE SCHEDULE to confirm start locations and times.

All group rides will have a group leader.
Ride lengths for the groups will be shorter at the beginning of the season and lengthen throughout
the summer. Most rides will have a mid way destination to stop for treates.

PLEASE NOTE: that these can change on a weekly basis.
Arrive time: please arrive at least 20min before departure time for the group ride 
Ride time for ALL groups: Vary for some groups. BUT will leave exactly at the
indicated on the schedule

Which group should I join?
**Gaging your speed for the groups: When we indicate the speed for the groups its important to respect the parameters and place yourself accordingly. IF you are not sure which group to join, its a concervative choice to go with a slower group the first time, to gage you’re overall cycling speed. GAGING speed: In order to gage your average speed, MUST have a speedometer. Speed test, cycle for a distance of(15-20km), check your average speed, this will determine which group you are best suited to join.

Group Leaders: Group leaders are responsible to keep the group together and make sure everyone finishes together. Group leaders will be given a clinic in Learn to Ride skills (as a refresher), Bike Maintenance Clinic and CPR and general First Aid.
How do I become a group leader? We are always looking for more group leaders. Contact


Speed: 20km/hr less
For beginners and ladies with hybrids Bike path cycling

Speed: 20km/hr-22km/hr
Distance: Early Season 40km, progress to 60km
For ladies who getting into cycling, are faster than ZEN group, but not quite at the Intermediate level yet

Speed: 22km/hr-25km/hr
Distances: Early Season: 40km, progress to 60km
For ladies who have been cycling, but not at the Advanced level yet

ADVANCED groups: Speed: 25km – 27km/hr Distances:
Early Season: 50km, progress to 80km+
For ladies who have been riding for a number of years

** Intermediate and Advanced groups have been combined.

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