CycleFitCHICKS Volunteer Program

In order to run a successful event many volunteers are needed. The CycleFit Chicks club has made it part of our mandate to give back to the community. We ask that each club member volunteer their time during the summer at one of the below mentioned events. Our organization has chosen four Somersault triathlons to be our key summer club volunteer events. We consider it extremely important to give back to the community and promote the sport of women’s cycling and grassroots development.
Volunteer Program:
This year we have implemented a volunteer program. Members have made decisions to either volunteer or pay an extra fee to opt out of any volunteer responsibilities.
If a member chooses the Non-volunteer option when registering ($225), they will NEVER receive an email requesting to volunteer.
If a member chooses the volunteer option when registering ($175), they are required to contribute a minimum of 10 hrs. If the member does not fulfil, the required volunteer hours, an invoice will be sent that Fall, for the amount of $50. 
Should the club add an activity, our volunteer coordinator will inform all members of the needs for that particular activity.
** Our PARTICIPATION Points Program is completely separate program from the volunteer program.
Members are responsible for minimum of 10hrs.
Activity leaders, clinic instructors and group leaders will be handing over names of participants.
Our volunteer coordinator will be keeping track of members and volunteer hours accumulated over the summer.
Below are the different activities for which the club member can accumulate their volunteer hours.
The volunteer coordinator will also have more details, responsibilities  and requirements for each activity.
As a club member, IF you are interested in volunteering for any one of the below club activities,
please email us at or visit our volunteer spot HERE

• CycleFit CHICKS Time Trial Series

Wednesday: Starting May 28 – August 27
Number of volunteers needed each week: 4
Time commitment (3 hours per night)

The Time Trial Series is run by volunteers and as such we are always looking for extra hands to help out. Devoted partners and friends are needed for registration, time-keepers, bike holders and course marshals. All riders are encouraged to recruit new participants and volunteers, or by helping out themselves.

GranFondo Ottawa

July 19, 2014 (Time Commitment 8 hours)
Number of volunteers needed for the day: 16

Volunteers will assist immensely in keeping Grand Fondo running smoothly. There are a variety of opportunities for this event including: 1) route set-up and support/help with tear down (valid driver’s license and insurance), 2) set up feed stations, re-stock food and water and help with the sag responsibilities and 3) CHICKS tent at the Start/Finish line to support our team and answer any questions people may have.

Somersault Local Triathlon Events

May 17: Early Bird Triathlon (4 hours)
Volunteers #4

Aug 2: National Capital Triathlon (4 hours)
Volunteers #4

Aug 30: Canadian Iron 226 Triathlon (4 hours)
Volunteers #4

Our organization has chosen four Somersault triathlons to be our key summer club volunteer events. We consider it extremely important to give back to the community and promote the sport of women’s cycling and grassroots development.

Trail Maintenance with OMBA ( Ottawa Mountain Bike Association) (4 hours)

Volunteers: All who are interested
OMBA organizes trail maintenance days over the summer to clean up the trails or build up MTB ride areas.
These opportunities will be posted.

Group Leader: Road Biking 

Saturday Mornings (4 hours) We need volunteers to lead a group ride from Tunney’s pasture on Saturdays at 8:30am and cycle for two to three hours, approx 20-60 km. CycleFit CHICKS can provide you with a route if you let me know what speed you want to cycle and how far you want to go. If you think you might be interested in helping on the board, please contact Kim Faulkner at
Group Leader: Mountain Biking (3 hours)
Tuesday night at Camp Fortune or Kanata Lakes

Bike Maintenance Clinic (3 hours)
Volunteers needed per clinic #2
Clinic 2: Saturday May 24
Clinic 3: Saturday June 21
Clinic 4: Saturday July 19
Clinic 5: Saturday, August 23

Our clinic instructor Jennifer West, needs assistance during the clinics to help the participants with thier bikes.

Monday Skills Sessions (3 hours)
Volunteers needed per week #2-3
We need volunteers to help lead and assist in the cycling skill of the evening. Will get instruction from head coach.

Mountain Bike Skills Sessions (3 hours)
Volunteers needed #1-2
Ideal volunteer should be a mountain biker. Will get instruction from the coach.


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